The World Kidney Day is jointly launched by the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations since 2006. It is an annual event to increase awareness and draw attention to the urgent global need for early detection and prevention of kidney disease.

World Kidney Day 2016 is held on 10 March, with the theme “Kidney Disease & Children. Act Early to Prevent it.”

Certainty encourage you to keep an active and healthy lifestyle.

“Be Certain, Be Confident with Certainty”

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Discover our DayPants

Pants for Everyday Confidence

Certainty DayPants offers perfect solution for light to moderate incontinence and comes with odour control function.

Know more about DayPants innovative features

Comfortably Thin

Hygiene pants with its slim design and breathable materials, gives you ultimate comfort just like wearing underwear.

1. Comfort Thin Fit / 輕薄貼身 / Nyaman dan Tipis

• Especially shaped and designed for soft and good body fit for lasting comfort.

• 輕鬆穿著,緊貼體形,持久舒適

• Khusus direkabentuk lebih nyaman dan tepat tubuh badan untuk pemakaian jangka panjang.

2. Breathable / 透氣舒爽 / Lapisan Telus Udara

• Dry comfort and allows air circulation

• 內外透氣,清爽舒服

• Nyaman dan tetap kering dengan pengedaran udara bebas.

3. Double Layer Absorbent Pads / 強效吸收鎖水層 / Lapisan Penyerap Ganda Handal

• Quick absorption and backflow prevention

• 迅速吸收尿液,防止後漏

• Lapisan penyerap ganda yang bertugas memastikan penyerapan cairan sehingga permukaan tetap kering

4. Leak Guard Prevention / 特設防漏隔邊 / Pelindungan Anti Bocor Ganda

• Provide extra leakage protection

• 提供雙層防止滲漏功能

• Perlindungan ekstra dari kebocoran

5. Soft Stretchy Waistband / 柔軟彈性腰圍 / Pinggang Berelastik yang Lembut

• Easy to wear and comfortable fit like underwear

• 如內褲般貼身輕巧,倍感自然

• Mudah dan selesa seperti memakai seluar dalam

6. Odour Control / 抑味鎖水層 / Pengawal Odor

• Control unpleasant odour with polymer gel

• 高分子吸收體幫助抑制異味

• Mengawal bau yang tidak menyenangkan melalui polymer gel.

Available sizes

Breathable & Cloth-like Material

• M (26”-36” or 65-90cm)

• L (32”-42” or 80-105cm)

• XL (38”-50” or 95cm – 125cm)

Certainty DayPants gives you ultimate comfort. The solution for your everyday confidence!